BlueLounge Sumo keeps your cords neat and tidy

bluelounge sumo keeps your cords neat and tidy blso 001

Even with the effort by many companies (Apple first and foremost) to eliminate cord bundles and make computers and peripherals clean and simple, most of us still have at least a few, if not more, cords that lay across our desks with no organization. If you’re a neat freak or someone who just likes to keep their electronics looking clean and clutter-free, the BlueLounge Sumo ($12) might come in handy. This little device acts as a sort of paperweight to keep your cords neatly organized and available when you need them.

The weighted block keeps cords organized with a hidden partition and also prevents them from falling off your desk when you aren’t using them. The device uses Japanese micro-suction technology to keep the Sumo in place without the use of adhesives, even on smooth surfaces like glass. Just like we hoped, the Sumo is available in either black or white, perfectly-suited to your Apple or PC tastes.