Bond Mixology app helps you make 007’s favorite libations

bond mixology app helps you make 007s favorite libationsThere are many things Mr. James Bond is known for: Sexy women, perfectly tailored suits, and fancy drinks. If you like to keep things classy like 007 and also need some drink inspiration, download the Bond Mixology App ($2) and you can follow Bond’s drink orders to the letter. The app includes, quite literally, every drink Bond ever consumed on film, separated by each movie. You can find the list of every drink from every movie, along with detailed recipes and markers for where the drink appeared in the film. A beverage diary includes scenes and quotes from the drink’s appearance in the Bond film, and IMDB integration gives you quick facts for each movie. The app’s “Bond’s Bar” tool also gives you a shopping list of what to keep your bar stocked with so you can actually make said drinks, Bond style. You may not be able to get close to the sexy Bond girls, but being able to kick it in a suit and throw back a drink like Bond isn’t half bad.