Burton Mix Master Gloves control your iPod/iPhone while you board

burton mix master gloves control your ipodiphone while you board 2

We’re still a ways out from full-on ski and snowboard season, but this Burton product caught our eye even though the sun’s still shining. While we would argue that it’s not the smartest choice to listen to your iPod while you snowboard (or ski) unless you are pretty darn good, Burton has come up with a clever product that at least keeps your iPod or iPhone safe in your pocket while you’re on the mountain. The Burton Mix Master Gloves ($160) feature controls on one glove that connect to your iOS device via a dongle that plugs into the dock connector. This means that you can keep your iOS device safely stowed away in your pocket or backpack, but control your music playback right from your fully-functional snow gloves.

The dongle seems a little bit larger than we’d like it to be, but we suppose if it’s packed away it doesn’t matter so much. The price tag is also a little hefty, considering you could buy a whole other iPod for the price, but if you must have music as you glide down the slopes, we can see how this would be a worthwhile investment. The gloves themselves are are made with a breathable, wicking, weatherproof membrane and have leather palms, making them perfect snow gloves for the whole season. The remote in the glove is also removable for use when you aren’t wearing the gloves.