Cadence 4-bit watch has binary hour markers, ups your geek quotient ten-fold

cadence 4 bit watch has binary hour markers ups your geek quotient ten fold cadence4bit

If you’re the type of guy who buys nerdy t-shirts that only you and your geek friends are smart enough to understand, we’ve got a watch for you. Unlike most of those t-shirts, however, the Cadence 4-Bit Binary Watch ($90+) actually has some sophisticated style. Instead of using roman or arabic numerals to indicate the hours, each hour marker is displayed in 4-bit binary code. If you’re not quite sure what that is, then the novelty of this watch is just a little too over your head. Don’t worry, not everyone can achieve ultimate geekdom. While it’s not quite as cool as a watch that can only be read if you know binary, the fun twist to this watch makes it a great conversation starter and a nod to your own numerical superiority. The focus of this watch is the key feature, but luckily for binary-lovers, any version of the 4-bit watch is classy enough to wear to the office, or in just about any other setting. We checked out the original style (above left) and were impressed with the quality, which includes a thick leather strap, stainless steel accents, and sapphire-coated quartz glass to prevent scratches. The watch is also available in a sporty chronograph style (above right), and a new stainless steel version is available for pre-order. 

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