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Capture Camera Clip System keeps your DSLR close at hand

Designer and engineer Peter Dering faced the same problem that many DSLR users deal with everyday: The hulking cams are a pain to carry around. Yes, the neck strap is handy for quickly freeing up your hands, and there are plenty of bags on the market to protect your camera while you’re on the move, but neither do a very good job of keeping your camera secure and allowing you to quickly access it for a spontaneous shot. If you carry your camera around on your neck, you can quickly grab your camera to take a photo, but you are also making your camera vulnerable to dust, dirt, scratching, swinging, and bumping into things. If you carry your DSLR in a camera bag, it will certainly be protected, but good luck pulling it out fast enough to catch that magic moment you just saw.

Dering decided to put his photography knowledge and engineering expertise to good use by creating a compact clip system that can safely secure your camera to any belt or strap. After a couple years of prototypes and reworkings, Dering came up with the Capture Camera Clip System, which is currently halfway to funding on Kickstarter. While we can’t explain the precise engineering of it all, the small device uses a base that can hook on to any belt or strap as well as a small piece that attaches to your camera using the tripod mount. When the two combine, you have a quick and easy way to lock your camera into place on your belt loop or backpack strap. The Capture system has a quick release button for easy access, but also features a redundant twist lock for extra security when you might press the quick release button by accident. Pledge $50 to the project and you will receive one of the first Capture systems, which should ship sometime in July. The full retail price is expected to be $70 plus shipping. Check out the video below to see how the system works then head over to the project page at Kickstarter if you want to lay down $50 to be one of the first to try it.

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