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Char-Broil fires up a new modular outdoor grill kitchen lineup

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Getting your backyard ready for grilling season? Char-Broil has announced a new lineup of appliances for the outdoor grilling space. The Modular Outdoor Kitchen is available only at Lowe’s and includes gas grills, a stove top, gas griddle, entertainment module, granite bar top, refrigerator, and corner module.

The goal of this lineup is to bring indoor kitchen capabilities to the outdoors, and the company wanted to do it at an affordable price point, according to the Char-Broil Gas Grills product manager, Robert Hawkins.

“We are dedicated to innovation in the outdoor cooking space and aim to deliver luxurious, high-quality products at an accessible price so anyone can enjoy the satisfaction of outdoor entertaining,” says Hawkins. “Our research revealed a segment of people interested in outdoor kitchens, but who were deterred by price point or channel availability. We have removed those barriers, creating a highly customizable product that will enhance the outdoor cooking experience and take outdoor entertaining to the next level.”

With this new line, Char-Broil aimed to combine grilling necessities with kitchen conveniences, creating a series of modules that can be arranged to meet most outdoor cooking needs. These are the products in the Modular Outdoor Kitchen lineup:

The 5-Burner TRU-Infrared Gas Grill ($1,499) which, thanks to TRU-Infrared cooking technology, delivers heat evenly so that food ends up juicier.

The 3-Burner TRU-Infrared Gas Grill ($1,099) which, if you’re only cooking for a small party, is a smaller version of the 5-Burner Gas Grill that should get the job done.

The Outdoor Stove Top ($599). Want to get started on side dishes while still keeping an eye on the grill? This stove top lets you cook up barbecue sauce and sear some vegetables as you wait for the meats to cook.

The Outdoor Gas Griddle ($599). This griddle is versatile enough to make pancakes at brunch or toast bread for dinner.

The Entertainment Module ($1,199). Bring your iPad with you and catch up on some TV shows while you’re slicing tomatoes and washing lettuce. This module has a faucet and sink, trash can, and electrical outlet.

The Granite Bar Top ($449). Additional space can be attached to the Entertainment Module if you have a big crowd coming over and need more room.

The The Refrigerator ($899). This fridge offers 2.7 cubic feet of storage and adjustable shelving, so you can keep beers cold or maintain the freshness of the tomatoes.

Corner Module ($449). Need more counter space? You can bring out the corner module to extend the size of your grilling space.

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