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Take good care of your arteries, because they may not be able to withstand the Mountain of Meat from ChefSteps

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Avert your eyes, vegetarians. This concept is not for you. And as for the carnivores in the room, you may want to sit down. The excitement (and contents) of this announcement could prove too much for your heart. The folks over at ChefSteps want to send you a Mountain of Meat. No really, that’s what it’s called.

For $229, you can be the proud owner of a veritable “party pack” of red meat. All 30 pounds of this animal flesh comes packed and ready to cook with your Joule sous vide machine (ChefSteps’ flagship piece of hardware). Of course, you could also unwrap the filets and cook them however you’d like. Promising enough meat to serve 60 adults at once or the rest of your family for the rest of the year, the Mountain of Meat comes with about 7 pounds of New York steaks, 5 pounds of ribeye steaks, 8 pounds of top sirloin steaks, and 10 pounds of tri-tip steaks.

All these cuts come from Heritage Meats in Rochester, Washington, and make good on ChefStep’s promise to offer custom butchery, top-quality meat at what really is quite a low price (it works out to about $7.60 per pound). The Seattle-based food and technology company hopes to “inspire creativity and encourage experimentation through high-quality interactive content, techniques, tools, and resources.”

ChefSteps is also selling frozen, precooked meals, which customers can heat up for a quick solo meal. These start at $7 and go up to $12, with deliveries fulfilled by PostMates. Sadly, however, these ready-made meals are only available to those living in Seattle proper.

That said, there are plenty of other products (including the Mountain of Meat) that you can order from ChefSteps no matter where in the United States you’re located, so if you’ve been looking for a way to introduce some major protein into your life, ChefSteps may be the place to go.

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