Chinese five star hotel and office space resemble ocean waves

The Hangzhou Waves is a proposed  hotel and office complex located in the Hangzhou Xintiandi district of Hangzhou, China. The two buildings that make up the Hangzhou Waves feature a “wave-like” appearance and mirror one another when place back-to-back.  Not only would the Hangzhou Waves function as both a five star luxury hotel and class A office space. The uniquely designed building from JDS architects would serve the city and act as a modern architectural icon, as well as proud beacon and attract visits from across the world.

As can be seen from the images and derived from its name, the exterior of the Hotel features a form that utilized stepped cubes which ascend and descend in a wave-like arrangement. In addition to the building sporting various degrees of warm vegetation, guest can also enjoy views of the surrounding canal and park.

In contrast to the hotel’s jagged pixilated approach, the office building that makes up the other half of the Hangzhou Waves features a sharp sloping façade that smoothly curves downward and offers a beautiful glass skylight – allowing an array of natural light into the atrium below.