Chocolate Construction lets you build a 3D-shaped dinosaur, then eat it

It’s not much of a debate, Tyrannosaurus rexes are cool. Their daunting size and powerful jaws make them the king of the dinosaurs. This adoration makes them the most identifiable dinosaur all the way down to its bones. Now with Chocolate Construction, kids and adults can immortalize their favorite dinosaur in chocolate, at least until they get hungry.

Chocolate Construction is a durable silicone mold with nine distinct cavities for the various bones making up a T. rex. Sharp teeth, a jagged spine, long tail, ribs, and little arms make up the pieces used to construct the beast.

All total, the process for making a chocolate T. rex takes only a few minutes. First, candy paleontologists melt their favorite chocolates in a microwave until smooth. Using a squeeze bottle or similar method, fill the various parts of the mold with the chocolate. Be sure not to miss any nooks and crannies. In about five minutes, the chocolate will have cooled down enough for excavation. Carefully pull back the mold to reveal the fresh chocolate bones. The most entertaining part is assembling all the pieces to make a perfect, six-inch tall chocolate T. rex.

The concept is similar to wooden models people may remember from their childhood. Using notches and slots, the pieces interlock each other to create a 3D form. Putting the pieces together is as simple as matching the numbers on the silicone mold. Since the silicone is food-safe, owners can make and devour as many T. rexes as they like.

For those interested, the Chocolate Construction T. rex is available for pre-order through Kickstarter. Each mold goes for $20, Purchasing two or more molds comes with a discounted price. Two cost $35, three cost $45, and 10 cost $100. Deliveries have been estimated for this October. Backers beyond the $45 level also gain a vote for the next design in the future,

Already passing its first stretch goal, backers now have the choice of two different colors. A third and fourth color will be made available one the goal has been reached. With only two days left of the campaign and over fives times the needed funds, manufacturing of Chocolate Construction begins September 7.