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With the Chococurb app, you can be the hero this Valentine’s Day

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A happy lover makes for a happy home, and what better way to bring joy to your doorstep than with a box of chocolates for that special someone this Valentine’s Day? But not just any chocolates (because really, they’ll know if you went to your nearest drugstore and picked up the first box you could find), but rather a specially curated selection from Chococurb. a new subscription service that wants to help you discover extraordinary chocolate. And to celebrate the most extraordinary person in your life, you may want to make February your first month as a subscriber.

Now that the company has a companion app, ordering chocolate has never been easier (which honestly, may be a dangerous thing). “Our app will essentially make sure people never forget another precious moment,” Chococurb’s CEO and co-founder, Roger Ling, told Digital Trends. “In addition to reminding them about special occasions, we’ll help them find the perfect gift (chocolate) and be able to send it with ease (i.e. just a few taps).”

The iOS app will keep tabs on holidays like Valentine’s Day and Thanksgiving, as well as important dates like your anniversary or your friends’ and family members’ birthdays. Once you receive a push notification, simply open the app and find new and unique sweets to make an occasion all the more special. Plus, you can seamlessly make a purchase with Apple Pay, and schedule purchases in advance so you don’t have to worry about missing a gift-giving opportunity.

Promising deliveries of premium, gourmet chocolate, Chococurb brings together some of the most niche and exclusive chocolatiers from around the world into a box that can be shipped straight to you on the 14th of each and every month. Just tell the company what chocolates you do and don’t like (milk or dark, nuts or fruit, spicy or sweet), and Chococurb will do the rest. With every shipment, you’ll be able to find a new and unique chocolate, expanding your sweetest knowledge base.

“[Our service helps] people discover extraordinary chocolate and inspiring them to find new favorites,” Ling added. “Through the use of technology, we’re helping our members connect with small chocolate makers and large chocolatiers alike.  This is especially important in an industry where consumers are used to purchasing products from brick-and-mortar shops.”

When you first sign up for Chococurb, you’ll create a Chocolate Profile. “We realize people have different tastes, so our focus on personalization and technology keeps us ahead of the curve,” Ling noted. You can choose between the Chococurb Mini, which consists of three premium chocolates every month for $20, or the Chococurb Classic, which will get you between five and seven chocolate products a month for $35.

Update: Chococurb now has an app for even easier ordering. 

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