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You can wear the Closca water bottle and feel good about saving the planet

closca water bottle 12 render
You may not be able to drive an electric car or install solar panels on your roof, but you can still help save the planet in your own small way. Rather than buying plastic bottle of water after plastic bottle of water, you can instead buy one bottle of water that promises to respect Mother Earth. Meet the Closca Bottle, a new water container that seeks to “help shape society and transform the way we find, carry, and drink water.”

The elegant bottle has quite a distinctive aesthetic. Capable of being attached to your backpack, bag, bike, or stroller, this is one bottle you won’t (want to) lose. The Closca is made of borosilicate glass, and as such, promises to be 100 percent BPA-free. And because you can unscrew both the top and the bottom of the bottle, you can easily clean your water bottle, or add ice, fruit, or tea bags (before filling it with water). But perhaps the most distinctive feature of the water bottle comes with its silicon wrap, which not only encircles the entirety of the bottle but can also be strapped around just about anything else. Because it is extremely flexible, you can stretch the silicon to make its way around a handlebar or the strap of your gym bag.

Aesthetics aside, Closca also seeks to help protect the planet by directing folks to the nearest water fountain, where they might refill their Closca and avoid purchasing bottled water. Thanks to the Closca Water app, you can locate the nearest refill point — this information is largely crowdsourced, and you can rate or comment on these locations. Alternatively, you can also propose new locations that might be missing from the app’s map, contributing to a sustainable community.

“We started thinking about how water is consumed, and we realized that a single use bottle is extremely harmful to our planet. With Closca Bottle, we wanted to be part of the solution,” said Carlos Ferrando, founder of Closca. “The biggest challenge was merging design, innovation, and comfort, which we have overcome by creating the first water bottle that can be worn.”

You can back Closca on Kickstarter now, and for $39, you ought to be able to get one of these bottles delivered to you by February.

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