Concept Klang Ultrasonic speakers can only be heard by you

concept klang ultrasonic speakers can only be heard by you

Countless music fiends struggle with the ultimate buzzkill everyday: neighbors. If you want to blast that new album from your home speaker system and you live in an apartment building, good luck not getting harassed. While unfortunately only in the concept stage as of today, designer Adam Moller has envisioned a pair of ultrasonic speakers that will essentially play music to only your ears. The technology is complicated, but the Klang Ultrasonic speakers end up emitting three different waves of sound. Only one can be heard by humans, and the other two waves constrain the audible wave into one focused stream. This means that the audio can only be heard in this narrow beam of sound, but nowhere else. If you stand directly in line with the audible beam, you will hear the music from directly inside your own head. Crazy, right? To make things even more impressive, if you were to bounce that sound beam off of the back wall in your house, you could create what would sound like a rear channel. While it’s not a consumer product yet, the technology is already established, so there’s hope for the future for apartment-dwelling audiophiles everywhere.