Three new mid and high-end HD security cameras round out D-Link's home lineup

d link security cameras ces 2017 camera 0001

D-Link debuted three new HD security cameras Wednesday at CES 2017, expanding options for smart home consumers looking for mid and high-end models. The three cameras will range in price from somewhere around $69 to as much as $250 when they launch in the spring.

The budget-minded DCS-8000LH (around $69) sports a 120-degree field of view 720p HD picture with a 16-foot range for its “night vision” feature. A built-in microphone will allow for sound and video monitoring, but with no speaker. If you need that, you will have to step up to the DCS-8100LH ($120), which expands the field of view to 180 degrees and offers two-way communication options, as well as a microSD slot for local recording.

For those looking for a top-of-the-line model, D-Link has the DCS-8700LH, which while still at 720p sports a better picture and better night vision — out to 25 feet — than the DCS-8100LH. We were shown some of the images in an early preview in December and there is a noticeable difference. The fish-eye effect is also a lot less distorting in the high-end model, further improving image quality and clarity.

One drawback to the DCS-8700LH is a much higher price. D-Link says it plans to sell the camera for around $250, putting it at the high end price-wise of what is currently available, likely limiting its appeal. All are compatible with remote recording through the Mydlink cloud, which is accessible through its app.

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Besides the cameras, D-Link also pushed an update to its Mydlink app to combine its connected home system into a single app. Previously, its various products were controlled through different apps, arguably leading to an awkward user experience. For those with other smart home devices, IFTTT (If This Then That) will remain an option to connect those devices to triggers from the new cameras, D-Link says.

The new app should be available soon to both Android and iOS users and is a free update.