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Meet The Modernist Collection from Dacor, its first line since joining Samsung

dacor modernist collection screen shot 2017 03 17 at 9 42 28 am
Luxury home appliance maker Dacor joined the Samsung family last August, and now it has released its first new line of kitchen products under its new parent company. Meet The Modernist Collection, which promises to blend “leading technology and innovation with luxury aesthetics and premium features,” resulting in appliances that will impress in the kitchen and delight at the table with unforgettable meals.

Seeking to provide a new vision for the luxury kitchen, The Modernist Collection is said to showcase “exquisite and sleek design, surprising and delightful features, and superior and innovative performance.” Key to the line’s success is its materials. Using authentic and durable stainless steel, these appliances apply simple design lines that help them blend into any home. The Modernist Collection suite has products for your every need, including refrigerators, ranges, ovens, cooktops, and more.

First off, there’s the new Column Refrigeration, which comes in sizes ranging from 18 to 36 inches. These refrigerating columns feature tall, panel-ready doors, a full stainless interior, glass and aluminum bins, and LED lighting. The column refrigeration tech was recently awarded the EPA’s Energy Star Emerging Technology Award, so you can rest assured that this fridge not only looks good, but is good for the planet, too.

As for the Pro Dual Fuel Steam Range, both sizes come with sealed brass burners and an integrated electric griddle. You’ll also have access to complete steam cooking solutions, which allow for healthier meals and greater control over temperature. The range also can be controlled and monitored by the Dacor iQ Kitchen app.

Other products in The Modernist Collection include the Double Wall Oven (which comes with an upper cavity microwave and lower cavity convection oven), both induction and gas cooktops, as well as a dishwasher, microwave drawer, and warming drawer.

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