Deuter Shelter II protects you from rain, helps in emergencies

deuter shelter ii protects you from rain helps in emergencies 389795

We all need shelter, and when you are hiking up a mountain or traversing unknown territory for the sake of adventure, it becomes increasingly difficult to find or create. Deuter comes to the rescue (literally) with the Deuter Shelter II, which is the next best thing to a tent if you don’t have room to pack one. The shelter is made from Deuter-Ripstop 330 fabric, which makes for a durable, lightweight, and waterproof design. The shelter has a central opening with drawstring closure and two openings with velcro closure, which the gentleman above is using as a hood. Four attached long loops let you plant stakes in the ground to create a humble, but effective tarp shelter. The unique bag was designed with emergencies in mind with a bright color and a reflective logo design printed on the fabric. Best case, this little guy will be your best friend when you get caught in a rainstorm on your next hike. Worst case, its emergency logo will be put to the test in a treacherous situation. Either way, not a bad thing to have stowed away in your backpack.