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Did a Canadian retailer leak Nest Mini’s pricing and code name?

A cached page from a Canadian retailer in September may offer some clues about the new Nest Mini that is expected to be revealed on Tuesday, October 15, at the Google hardware event. On September 7, online retailer PC-Canada listed several suspicious items on their Google device page. All of them seemed to be code names of devices that haven’t been released yet.

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While the page has changed over the past few weeks and the code-named products removed, you can still see the cached webpage here. The three code names listed include Minstral, Newman, and Valens. In the past, Google has used music icons’ names to represent their devices. For example, the first Home Mini was called Joplin after Janis Joplin and the Home Max was called Biggie, referring to the rap legend Biggie Smalls. In this line of thought, Valens may refer to the groundbreaking rocker Ritchie Valens and is more than likely the new Nest Mini. There are four Valens listed on the page, which probably indicates the four different colors of the Mini. All of the models were priced at CA$66 after a 4% discount. That would mean that the new Mini will be around $53 in the U.S. with current conversion rates.

This isn’t the first rumors about the new Mini. A Google product filing with the Federal Communications Commission included a sketch of what looked like a Google Nest Mini. The sketch indicated that the device may be wall-mounted and have an audio jack.

The blog 9to5Google says that the Newman product listed on the Canadian site is the Nest Hub Max. The Max is already available in the U.S., U.K., and Australia, but this leak makes it look like the device may be coming to Canada for CA$299.

It was leaked earlier this year that the new Google Wi-Fi was named Mistral. On this cached retail page, Mistral is included in a two-pack with another device named Vento. This may be the new Nest Wi-Fi beacon. It makes sense. A vento coffee gives you a boost, right?

We already know that the Pixel 4 will be unveiled at the Google event and, other than a new Mini and Wi-Fi, we anticipate a new Pixelbook and a Pixel watch. Excited to know about the new products coming from Google? Here’s how to watch the Google event tomorrow.

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