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The next Google Home Mini could have a wall mount and support for hand gestures

Update 9/11: Earlier leaks of the second-gen Google Nest Mini seemingly have been corroborated by a new FCC listing. A Google product has surfaced on FCC and the filing includes a sketch of what appears to be the cross-section of a Google Nest Mini-like device’s base. The diagram shows off a traditional groove-based wall mount and an additional cutout beside the power port — possibly for an audio jack.

Google is gearing up to upgrade its most affordable smart speaker, Google Home Mini. A new report by 9to5Google reveals the second-gen product will be rebranded to ‘Nest Mini’ and bring a host of new features in nearly the same form factor — as well as a similar price.

The forthcoming Google Nest Mini is expected to add new proximity sensors — similar to the ones found on the company’s bigger and more expensive smart speakers. What this most likely means is that users will be able to perform actions such playing or pausing music by simply waving their hand over the device. It’s a step up from the previous version, which was largely controlled with your voice rather than by waving around in the air.

In addition, the new Nest Mini will reportedly have a built-in wall mount. While the design is unclear at this point, the source suggests a groove on the back so that you could hang it on a wall, like a picture frame.

The overall aesthetic itself will remain largely identical, which means the same fabric exterior and small size — though the extra sensors and wall mount could result in a slightly heftier build. However, the report says there could be a range of new colors to choose from.

Google has also added a series of much-needed sound improvements to its entry-level home product. The new Nest Mini will be louder and capable of emitting better bass. More importantly, it will have a traditional 3.5mm audio jack which was oddly absent on the first-gen Home Mini. The inclusion will let Google’s affordable smart speaker better compete against the Amazon Echo Dot, which has had the port since the beginning.

The headphone input will allow buyers to essentially turn any “dumb” speaker into a smart one without spending much, essentially crowning the Nest Mini as the default upgrade for users clinging on to the Chromecast Audio.

Google is expected to officially unveil the Nest Mini at its annual Made by Google hardware event later in October. Apart from the new smart speaker, the company will unveil its fourth-gen Pixel smartphone and possibly some new Chromebooks.

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