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DT Music Pick: Bernhoft

Bernhoft “Solidarity Breaks”

For fans of: Justin Timberlake, Oh Land, Foster the People

This week we’re stepping away from the big-name releases and introducing you to someone we’re pretty sure you’ve never heard of. This unique artist blends old-school soul, new-school pop, and some sweet electronic mixing skills to the table, making for catchy songs that seem fresh and classic at the same time. Jarle Bernhoft (known just as Bernhoft, a one-man band) hails from Norway and hit the Internet with a bang recently when his stunning video for his song “Cmon Talk” became a viral YouTube sensation, ringing in currently at over 1.6 million hits. 

Bernhoft has a powerful voice and doesn’t hesitate to use it with conviction. His songs are part pop, part soul, part gospel, and part electronic, but they are all well-crafted with a fresh sound that we can’t compare to anyone else. Whether you’re usually a fan of any one of those genres or not, these songs will have you wanting to groove at your desk once you take a listen. Bernhoft has primarily had success across the pond, but he was recently invited to The Ellen Degeneres Show and his latest album, Solidarity Breaks, is now out in the US on iTunes and Spotify, so it looks like we’re in luck. Now, if only he had some scheduled tour dates over here we’d be in business. For now you can enjoy the groove-worthy tunes via recording. 

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