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The Dyson Pure Hot + Cool cools, warms, and purifies the air in your home

People often overlook the importance of air quality, but the recent fires in California have brought the hazards of dirty air to the forefront of everyone’s minds. While many people already own an air purifier, it often gets set to the side, but with the advent of winter, pure air is more important than ever as long-dormant HVAC systems rumble to life and expel built-up dust and other irritants into the air. Dyson hopes to make your air purifier just as important to everyday life as your heater or air conditioner by combining them all into one.

The Dyson Pure Hot + Cool is an all-in-one unit designed to keep a home warm and cozy in winter, cool and comfortable in summer, and to purify the air inside the home no matter what season it is. The Dyson Pure Hot + Cool is a whole-room unit. While it won’t replace a traditional system for the house, it can be a great addition for keeping a specific space at a certain temperature. Best of all, it can detect airborne particles and it reports this information through an LCD screen on the unit.

This display functionality will help users understand just how polluted air can be, even if it doesn’t seem like it. According to Dyson, we breathe over 9,000 liters of air each day and spend 90 percent of our time indoors. That’s a lot of potentially polluted air. Some of the most common air pollutants, such as volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, pet dander, dust, and others, are found almost exclusively inside homes. Breathing in these particles can lead to respiratory infections, runny noses, and even long-term damage over the span of many years.

The Dyson Pure Hot + Cool uses a HEPA filter capable of capturing particles as small as 0.3 microns. 99.97 percent of all airborne particles fall into this range, which makes the Dyson one of the most effective air purifiers on the market. With 350 degrees of oscillation, the Pure Hot + Cool keeps the air quality high and moves a lot of air around the room. The unit is available in a variety of colors and even features a “Night” mode which makes it run more quietly and dims the displays.

The Dyson Pure Hot + Cool is available today for $650 from Dyson.

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