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The Echo Dot is sold out until early March at Amazon and Target

If there were any doubts that smart home technology is catching on like wildfire, the recent shortages of the Echo Dot should dispel them.

According to Amazon, the newest generation of the Echo Dot is completely sold out at Amazon and Target until early March. You can search somewhere else for one of the small devices, but the only store with any available online is Best Buy — and even it has only two of the three available colors.

The recent surge of interest is unusual for this time of year but may be attributable to a commercial aired during Super Bowl 53 on February 3. The clash between the New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Rams featured a lot of tech advertisements. Customers may also be drawn to the Dot for its low cost. At just $50 per Dot, it is the most affordable Alexa-powered device on the market, and frequent sales make it even more desirable. The Dot is often bundled as a bonus item with other devices, so customers looking to purchase the Dot might be able to find one that way.

If you’re willing to wait, Amazon is still accepting orders for the Dot. However, the stock won’t be replenished until March 5 for the Charcoal color option and until March 11 for the Heather Gray and Sandstone color options. Even some color options for the Echo Spot, the Echo, and the Echo Plus will not be available until February 10.

While an inconvenience for consumers, these shortages suggest that more people are developing an interest in smart home technology. The more the interest grows, the more likely companies are to dedicate more research and resources to producing bigger, better technology to streamline your day-to-day life.

The Echo Dot is the direct competitor of the Google Home Mini, and while both have their pros and cons, the Echo allows for more customization of commands through the Alexa Skills system. And before you choose to pick up one of the older models of the Echo Dot, you should check out the Digital Trends review of the 3rd-generation device. A few highlights include a better microphone, a louder speaker, and a sleeker look.

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