EDC Kit puts tough tools on your keychain in tiny form

edc kit puts tough tools on your keychain in tiny form

Most of us have become accustomed to carrying at least one or two useful items on the keychain that holds our everyday house and car keys. Usually those things are either a tiny USB drive (at least for us tech people) or a handy bottle opener, or both. Sometimes you might run into something that requires something a little more on the tough side. That’s where the EDC Kit from Kaufmann Mercantile ($42) comes into play. This keychain kit, named as an abbreviation for “Everyday Carry” puts just a few tough tools on your keychain that would help in a multitude of sticky situations. 

The kit consists of a sharpened pry bar, two screwdriver keys (one flathead, one Philips), a waterproof lighter, and a sharp pair of tweezers. All of the tools are crafted in durable steel, with the kind depending on the requirements of each tool. Whether you need to remove a nail, light a fire, or get a pesky splinter, you’ll be covered with these tiny tools close at hand. Better yet, all five tools come in at a combined weight of less than two ounces, so nothing will be weighing you (or your keychain) down. 

You can buy each of the tools separately if you’re choosy, or you can purchase the whole kit for a reasonable $42. We’re going to count the number of times these tools would come in handy, starting now.