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Augmented Reality for kids is here in the form of the Egger

This is what learning in the 21st century looks like. Meet the Egger, a new interactive augmented reality projector that promises to “inspire creativity, imagination, and benefit early childhood development” and engage kids in games, apps, and lessons alike.

Serving as a home theater, a learning center, and even the source of a cartoon character friend, the Egger claims to be “a safe and friendly way for kids to explore their creativity, imagination, and gain digital literacy in a more interactive manner.”

While staring at a small screen for hours on end can be problematic for young (and old) eyes, the Egger allows characters and lessons to quite literally jump off the screen. The interactive apps loaded on the Egger allow children to actually play with what’s onscreen, helping to develop hand-eye coordination and cognitive learning skills. With apps like Tool2, Magic Painting Game, your kids can create pictures that come to life, dancing and moving on the projection.

Featuring an onboard camera, the Egger can also document the time your family spends together. Or, if parents want to conference in grandma or grandpa for the fun, that’s an option too via the Wi-Fi calling function. And because the Egger is compatible with all common media file formats, you can play movies, music, and show photos simply by plugging in a USB drive.

Achieving its Indiegogo funding goal in just four hours, the Egger has already raised nearly $50,000 from over 100 backers, and still has a month to go in its campaign. While all the early bird packs have already sold out, you can still get your hands on an Egger for the price of $299, with units expected to ship in November.

So if you’re in search of an interactive tool to jump start your children’s creativity and love for learning, check out an Egger just in time for the new school year.

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