Elvis & Kresse dopp kit ups your manly factor with fire hose materials

elvis kreese dopp kit ups your manly factor with fire hose materials host wash

One of many things that us ladies have figured out over the years is that keeping all of your toiletries and bathroom goods in one place makes life a whole lot easier. Even if you’re a guy and you think you really only need your toothbrush and deodorant close at hand, you probably have more products and tools than you think. It takes more than a toothbrush to look groomed and sharp for the ladies, or your morning business meeting. So, if you’re not on the bandwagon yet, all you need is what we call a dopp kit to keep your things in one place. We particularly like the Fire Hose Wash Kit by Elvis & Kresse ($89), which is made from decommissioned British fire hose more than 30 years old.

Every wash kit is unique and many still bear marks of fighting fires in the UK. The zip-top bag is (obviously) waterproof and features an internal pocket and military-grade parachute silk lining. Not only will this wash kit up your manly-man factor (what’s more masculine than a firefighter?), but it’s made from recycled materials so you get eco-conscious bonus points, too. As if you aren’t convinced already, 50 percent of the profits are donated to the British Fire Fighter’s Charity. Now that’s a good lookin’ dopp kit.