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Stop bouncing between other food apps, check out all your options with FeedMe

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Let us paint this picture for you.

It’s 11 p.m. You’re still not out of work. All you want is something delicious to eat, but you’re wracked by indecision as you continue to switch between various delivery options like Caviar, GrubHub, and DoorDash. If you’re getting sweaty palms just imagining the situation, then rejoice — there is a solution. FeedMe, a company that may just be the most aptly named enterprise ever, compiles all of your options into one place.

It’s a new service from Michael Shim and Jason Allen, who began working on the idea as a team last year. They bring with them years of experience from HBO and Porch and a hunger for delightful treats. “FeedMe’s goal is to be the front page of restaurant delivery,” Shim said in an email interview with GeekWire. “We want to remove the drudgery and frustration of ordering restaurant food.”

While it’s hard to believe that getting food delivered straight to your door can be frustrating, the ever-growing industry is living proof of the problem of the paradox of choice. As more and more options begin popping up on the Seattle delivery scene, it’s also getting more difficult to choose or even know what is available.

“The idea for FeedMe stemmed from my wife and I getting sick of always having to look at the different delivery providers just to find who would deliver a specific restaurant,” Shim told GeekWire. “There was a specific ramen place that we liked that ended up switching from Caviar, to Postmates, to Doordash.” So rather than further crowding an already nearly saturated market, FeedMe simply serves as a central location where you can find everything from everyone.

With the service’s True Pricing feature, you will be able to see the exact price you have to pay for your favorite meal, including delivery, tax, and tip extras. While the company is based in Seattle, it’s already up and running in a number of cities across the U.S., including Manhattan, Boston, Washington, D.C., and Austin, Texas.

So the next time you are in search of something to eat, just search everything from one place with FeedMe.

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