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Find your lost pet with GPS-powered Tagg The Pet Tracker

Almost nothing is more heartbreaking than seeing someone hang up lost dog or cat fliers on every lamp post and telephone pole in your neighborhood. A lost or runaway pup is never a fun situation, but plastering paper fliers around isn’t a very high-tech or efficient way to find your lost pet. Chances are your dog could have left the area (where you put up all the fliers) with just a few minutes of running around. Make use of 21st century technology with Tagg The Pet Tracker ($200) and you can locate your dog via GPS, no observant neighbors required. The lightweight GPS tracker easily attaches to your dog’s collar, allowing you to see exactly where your pet is at any time from a Web browser or mobile phone. 

Users can also create a handy “Geofence” are indicating where there dog should be; most likely this area would be your home and backyard or the area right around it. If your pet wanders out of this zone, users will get text and email notifications. The tracker is designed to be worn at all times just like a regular collar. The battery on the device lasts up to 30 days, and users will get a text or email notification when the battery is low. A small charging station (seen above) re-powers the Tagg for another 30 days of use. The tracker can be used in water, too, withstanding immersion up to one meter for 30 minutes, which is plenty of time for a swim or to endure some serious rain. While outdoor cats can usually find their way home, the Tagg will also work to keep tabs on your indoor-only cat or notify you if your outdoor cat wanders a bit too far from home.  

The $200 kit includes a tracker, a collar clip, a base charging station, and one year’s worth of location service. The device is currently available for pre-order and will ship later this month. 

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