Finis SwiMP3 plays music underwater, clips onto swim goggles

finis swimp3 plays music underwater clips onto swim goggles swimp32

Probably one of the best qualities of the modern workout is the ability to listen to your favorite tunes while you exercise. That constant stream of your favorite beats keeps you pumped up and motivated while you sweat it out at the gym. Unfortunately, those who like to get their workouts in at the pool have been sorely out of luck in this department. The SwiMP3 from Finis ($125) aims to eliminate that problem, with an underwater MP3 player that easily clips onto swim goggles or snorkeling masks. Unlike most waterproof MP3 players, which transmit sound through air or water often creating muffled sound, the SwiMP3 relies on your bones to transmit vibrations directly to your inner-ear. This bone-conduction technology is said to provide the highest audio quality possible under water. The device has 1GB of storage, a built-in USB connector, basic audio controls, and a rechargeable battery that will last a good eight hours. Now you can swim to your heart’s content while those Lady Gaga tunes from your guilty pleasures playlist keep you pumped.