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Pressed for time? Latest Kickstarter project will iron your clothes in a flash

Flippr: Evolution of the Ironing Board
They say “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” and for years that has held true for a household staple that hasn’t changed since its creation over 130 years ago. The ironing board looks much that same as it did when it was invented in 1882.

Flippr, a new kind of ironing board that is making great headway on Kickstarter, is looking to rewrite the ironing rules. Especially useful for those who hate to spend hours ironing, this new invention makes the process faster and more convenient.

First of all, it has two sides versus the traditional one-sided board. And it rotates 360 degrees. With its torso-shaped design you can put a shirt over the board and iron both sides by just turning it. Flippr claims you can iron a shirt in 2 minutes flat (or iron a shirt flat in two minutes!), which is about a fourth of the time it would take with a traditional ironing board.

It also has a detail board that can slide into sleeves and under collars,  making ironing them a breeze. The pants clip allows you to clip the seam to the board and iron away. It’s built on a sturdy aluminium frame with 8 adjustable heights and wheels which make using and moving it super convenient. The board also comes with a 2-year warranty, not something traditional ironing boards typically offer.

A lot of readers are likely thinking — I don’t iron, I don’t need an ironing board. Flippr was prepared for that. The firm postulates that most people don’t iron because they don’t have the time, but with the Flippr board you can save time and look great in your fresh-pressed shirts.

The Kickstarter has already surpassed its $20,000 goal. There are still opportunities for consumers to pledge $99 and not only will they save $51 off the retail price, but they can have their Flippr board in time for Christmas this year.

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