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Not a fan of flossing? Flosstime is here to give you a boost

FlossTime | World's First Smart Floss Dispenser
With all of the exciting new laptops, monitors, processors, VR accessories, and gadgets at CES this year, it’s sometimes important take a step back and look at some of the stranger tech out there. Fortunately CES is also a great place to find that sort of gear, too. Take FlossTime, for example, which is a smart floss dispenser that wants you to clean between your teeth at least once every 24 hours.

With a slight infomercial vibe, Flosstime sees a world where people don’t floss often enough, because it’s a hassle or because we just forget. To that end, it makes flossing easier and more convenient, by mounting to your bathroom wall or mirror and dispensing an appropriate length of floss when pressed. It can also remind you if you haven’t flossed for 22 hours giving you a two-hour window to hit your daily target.

Flosstime was an IndieGoGo success in early 2016, where the developers received more than $65,000 to create the device. Now though at CES 2017, it’s officially launching so visitors can get their hands on it for the first time, and potential floss-ees, can buy one for their own home.

Flosstime is built around the idea of habit generation — if it can help you get into the habit of flossing, you’ll likely do it more regularly without being prompted. To that end it has its light-based reminders and obvious placement within your bathroom, but it also has a few fun designs for kids. You can turn Flosstime into a frog, or a fish or crab, to help encourage your kids to floss as regularly as you do.

On top of that, Flosstime even gives you a digital pat on the back when you’ve finished flossing, by flashing a blue smiley face at you.

If you plan on sharing your new floss dispenser with someone else, Flosstime is designed to accomodate that, splitting its light show in half so that you will both know who’s been keeping up with their new routine.

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