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Want a pet to follow you around the airport? Try a Fravel suitcase instead

Fravel is the world's cutest suitcase!
Frivolous? Sure. Functional? Yes, that too.

Both could be used to describe a new Kickstarter project dubbed the Fravel, a new suitcase that wants to serve not only as your luggage, but as your companion, too. Branded as “the world’s cutest suitcase,” the Fravel feels something like every tween’s dream carry-on. Designed to look a bit like a pet, the Fravel comes complete with ears (don’t worry, they’re detachable), and a “beating heart” that palpitates a bit more rapidly when you take it on a trip. The suitcase even has paws on its transparent wheels, so that from a distance, you could almost convince someone that your luggage-shaped pet were following you through the airport.

“When choosing a travel bag, why can’t we look beyond functionalities?” the Fravel team asks on its Kickstarter campaign, “Why can’t it also be simple … and really cute?”

In order to make a “really cute” suitcase, the Fravel team equipped this piece of luggage with a number of animal-like qualities. There are the aforementioned ears, which “start to move as soon as you start to pet her head or walk with her,” and there are also tactile and movement sensors, because like any good pet, the Fravel will respond to your touch and movement.

But silly features aside, it’s worth mentioning that the Fravel is completely waterproof, and that it comes equipped with an invisible zipper, which promises to be as durable as it is discreet. And thanks to Fravel’s 360-degree wheels, moving through the airport will be a breeze.

Compliant with TSA travel standards (the Fravel is 22 by 14 by 10 inches) and weighing in at just 8 pounds, this suitcase actually isn’t a bad option to take on your next trip, even if you’re not between the ages of 12 and 14. After all, those ears do detach (and hey, they’ll certainly make your suitcase stand out).

You can pre-order a Fravel now for $169 via Kickstarter.

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