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Planning a trip for the holidays? You’ll need a piece of luggage from G-RO

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Every once in awhile, it’s a good idea to reinvent the wheel. And luggage company G-RO has found that idea. Known as the team behind the most successful luggage campaign in crowdfunding history, G-RO is back with a new line of products including an office bag, a check-in bag, and two new backpack options.

At the heart of G-RO’s initial success stood its clever new wheel — an axle-less, large diameter system that made for an ergonomic and easy-to-use piece of luggage. By quite literally reinventing the wheel, G-RO created luggage meant to do just as well over rocky terrain (like those cobblestoned streets of that charming European city you’re visiting), as over the smooth floors of your local airport.

“G-RO is more than just the standard smart luggage, featuring accommodations that far surpass the typical technology-based needs,” G-RO’s co-founder Netta Shalgi said in a statement. “We’re now expanding the G-RO product line, to include more internal space, personalized compartments, and a stylish look that is suited for the office, as well as any travel destination. Whether you’re a professional, an explorer, or perhaps a hybrid of the two, G-RO’s new, extended family is there to overcome any travel challenge ahead.”

G-RO’s new bags are meant to be used in a variety of different scenarios, so you don’t have to buy multiple pieces of luggage to suit your various needs. For example, The Office is a full-stack commuter bag, featuring an internal charging station and G-RO’s signature oversized wheels. This allows folks with hectic travel schedules to pack essentials and transition easily from the day job to the red-eye flight.

The Check-In is a high volume bag with two expandable internal pockets and a folding garment bag to accommodate more essentials, as well as four external pockets for quick access.

If you’re looking for a backpack rather than a full-sized bag with wheels, either the Backpack Light or the Duo Backpack can come in handy. The former is a minimalist style pack that holds a laptop and your daily necessities, while the Duo allows you to double the backpack’s volume and pack a variety of travel gear into its various compartments.

Each of these bags can be pre-ordered from Kickstarter starting from $129 for the backpack and $269 for the wheeled luggage.

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