Gear Guide: Fall cabin getaway

Temperatures are dropping, the air is getting crisper, and soon the colors will be changing, too. Fall is here to stay and that means no more summer beach weekends or pool parties. It’s always sad to see summer drift away, but there are plenty of ways to have relaxing, vacation-like getaways in the beautiful fall season. Everyone has their own ideas about what makes the perfect weekend escape, but when it comes to fall, one of our favorites is heading to the woods, mountain, or countryside for a cozy cabin weekend. While this kind of weekend trip is usually where you put your gadgets away for a while, we’ve some gear (and a few tech things) that you should pack for your trip.


No cozy weekend away is complete without some romantic (or platonic, depending on the situation) wine-sipping around a fire while you relax. To make things even easier for packing and taking on-the-go, check out Clif Family Vineyard’s The Climber wine bags ($17 each). The wine, available in either a Chardonnay or a Cabernet Sauvignon, comes in lightweight bags that are easily packed (or thrown) in your backpack for a mid-hike pit stop.

Micro four-thirds camera

If you have, or want, a micro four-thirds camera, an occasion like this is the perfect time to use it. You don’t really want to pack a giant DSLR and all its accessories, but you can handle something a little heftier than a point-and-shoot in your backpack or duffel bag. With the Sony NEX-7 ($1,349) you get 24.3 megapixels, an APS-C sensor, interchangeable lenses, and HD video all in a package that’s significantly smaller than any DSLR out there.

Flannel shirt

We probably don’t have to explain this one too much. You’re going to the woods; unless it’s warm out, you should wear a plaid flannel shirt. There’s no better occasion for one, and they fit the casual, cozy vibe to a tee. We like the classic colors and quality construction of this Gant Rugger Plaid Flannel Shirt ($135) from Mr. Porter.

Solid boots

Whatever kind of shoe you decide to wear, make sure it’s a sturdy one. Flimsy Chuck Taylors won’t cut it in the outdoors if you do any amount of walking around or hiking. Go for something like this awesome casual boot/hiking shoe hybrid, the Wallin & Bros. Zurich Euro Hiking Boot ($160), which will look good with your casual garb but have enough weight and traction for a hike, climb, or just tromping around in the wilderness.


Unless you’re going to stay in your cabin all weekend, you’ll probably want something to throw a few things in if you wander around or go on any small excursions. Almost any backpack would do when it comes to practicality, but if you’re going for style, we like the classic look of a canvas and leather pack like the Maine Guide Rucksack ($189) from the outdoorsmen at L.L. Bean. This rugged bag is water-resistant, sturdy, and just enough room and pockets for a day’s essentials.

Jeans or cords

Jeans are an obvious option for a weekend trip where you might only pack a few items of clothing, but corduroy trousers or jeans are just as versatile and add to the classic rugged vibe. We like these YMC Corduroy Trousers ($185) for their straight-leg styling and classic color. We also like this pair over at J. Crew.

Wool blanket

Whether you end up using it for a picnic or cozying up by the fire, we recommend bringing some sort of blanket. These things come in handy more often than you’d think, and if you’re with your significant other it will make you look both chivalrous and thoughtful, which is never a bad thing. Choose from 10 different plaids with a Pendleton Woolen Mills blanket ($88), which is made from 100-percent wool and comes with its own leather carrier.

Portable Blu-ray Player

If you have an iPad or laptop with an internet connection, portable Blu-ray or DVD players might seem superfluous, but if you’re in an area with limited 3G reception, no Internet, or don’t want to bring your valuable laptop computer with you for the weekend, something as easy as the Samsung Portable Blu-ray player ($499) might be a good choice. You’ll get the sharpness of Blu-ray on a 10-inch screen for low-key movie nights inside without the hassle of Internet or cell reception.

Picnic set

This one is mostly for the romantic couples set, but a fall picnic while you’re in a beautiful place is a great way to relax and take in the scenery. Make it easy on yourself with a pre-packed picnic set like the Pendleton Woolen Mills Picnic Backpack ($198). This classic-looking pack includes complete service for four people as well as an insulated food section and two wine cooler pockets.

Duffel bag

You’ll need something to throw your clothes and necessities in before you head out for the weekend, so you might as well choose something with a little style. While we can’t say that we’re usually fans of Tommy Bahama (Hawaiian shirts? No, thanks) but we like the classy look of this Canvas & Leather Duffel Bag ($250). It’s got enough room for everything you’ll need on your weekend trip and the sturdy canvas and leather will keep this bag looking good for years to come.

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