Gear Ties keep your cords in check

gear ties keep your cords in check

As the number of electronics in your home or office seems to increase exponentially each year, so does the number of tangled, disorganized cords that can get in your way. Nothing is worse than spending hours detangling cords just trying to figure out which one goes to the device you are trying to unplug. If only you had some Gear Ties ($6 for 2) to keep your cords and wires in check. These handy ties are made from sturdy rubber with a bendable wire inside that allows you to twist, bend, and reuse the ties over and over again for all of your possible needs. Use them to keep extension cords neat and tidy, organize the cords behind your TV, or even bend them into hooks for lightweight items. The ties are UV-resistant, waterproof, and come in a variety of bright colors, perfect for color-coding if you really want to get down to business. The Gear Ties also come in a variety of lengths, for securing everything from iPod and smartphone cords to vacuum cleaners and tarps.