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Gerber Apocalypse Kit will save you from a zombie attack

In a brilliant feat of marketing, Gerber is now selling a legitimate zombie-fighting kit branded with the “As seen on The Walking Dead” mark of approval from AMC’s critically-acclaimed zombie series. We know there are quite a few of you out there who have contingency plans should your world be overtaken by the walking dead, probably more than will admit to it. We know it’s crossed your mind before. Where will you go? How will you get food? What weapons will you need to fight off the crazed zombies? Well, should you actually want to invest in such a plan now (in a zombie-less world), Gerber has you covered on that last part with the Apocalypse Kit ($349). 

Gerber knows just as well as you do that, should a zombie apocalypse occur, stores will quickly run out of ammunition and your guns will then be worthless against the horde of creatures coming your way. That being said, weapons with blades are the way to go. The Apocalypse Kit includes a parang, two machetes, an axe, and several other folding knives that should do the trick should you need to take out some zombies — or prove to your friends that you’re more prepared than they are. The kit comes in a super-durable canvas carrying case that will keep all your tools protected until you need them. 

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It’s a bit expensive for a kit that you may or may not have to use, but with a limited-edition run of only 200, it would be the perfect gift for any zombie-prepared giftee on your holiday list. The kits are available now for pre-order and will ship December 5. 

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Blix is a new-age blender that uses premixed cups to save you prep work

We've established quite a strange relationship with our kitchens as of late. On the one hand, we want be in them more -- we buy meal kits that help us cook in instead of eat out, and Keurig machines that allow us to brew our own coffee instead of ordering from Starbucks. But on the other hand, we'd still like to do as little as possible with our kitchen appliances. After all, the appeal of a meal kit is its premeasured, precut portions that require less prep and cleanup; and the beauty of a K-cup is its all-in-one combination of coffee grounds, filters, and water.

Now, there's yet another product to further confuse how we really feel about our kitchens. Meet Blix, a new kind of blender that doesn't want you to blend just anything, but rather smart cups filled with fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, and more that can become smoothies, dips, and soups. It's much like an actual blender, but with prepackaged ingredients instead of ingredients you select yourself.

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How can you tell how affluent an area is? Penny does it from space

It's not just the Great Wall of China or the Great Pyramids of Giza that you can see from space -- thanks to artificial intelligence and Penny, we can now discern things that seem ... imperceptible, too.

While you may not be able to tell how much money the denizens of a neighborhood simply by walking through it, you may be able to do so by flying over said neighborhood -- that is, if you're flying in a satellite. It's all thanks to a new venture from satellite mapping company DigitalGlobe, who partnered with San Francisco design studio Stamen Design in order to create a machine learning-powered mapping tool that combines income data and satellite imagery to estimate the average income of neighborhoods.

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Let Alexa order you a cup of joe straight from your own Bosch coffee maker
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Bit by bit, you'll be able to control every aspect of your home life with Alexa. The latest appliances to jump on the bandwagon come from Bosch -- you can now control your Built-in Coffee Machine with just your voice, and order new detergent for your dishwasher. Both skills are the result of newly added Home Connect functionality, and Bosch hopes that additional skills will soon make it possible for you to control all your Bosch appliances simply by speaking to them.

No longer will you have to groggily make your way to the kitchen to turn on your coffee maker. Now, you can have your morning cup of Joe either by utilizing the Home Connect app, or by telling Alexa to have a freshly brewed cup waiting for you by the time you're ready to head out the door. As for the new dishwasher functionality, no longer will you need to let a dirty load sit overnight because you forgot to get dish soap -- instead, if you activate Dash Replenishment when setting up your dishwasher in the Home Connect app, Amazon can automatically order and deliver your preferred dishwasher tabs when it realizes you're running low on supplies.

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