Gerber Apocalypse Kit will save you from a zombie attack

In a brilliant feat of marketing, Gerber is now selling a legitimate zombie-fighting kit branded with the “As seen on The Walking Dead” mark of approval from AMC’s critically-acclaimed zombie series. We know there are quite a few of you out there who have contingency plans should your world be overtaken by the walking dead, probably more than will admit to it. We know it’s crossed your mind before. Where will you go? How will you get food? What weapons will you need to fight off the crazed zombies? Well, should you actually want to invest in such a plan now (in a zombie-less world), Gerber has you covered on that last part with the Apocalypse Kit ($349). 

Gerber knows just as well as you do that, should a zombie apocalypse occur, stores will quickly run out of ammunition and your guns will then be worthless against the horde of creatures coming your way. That being said, weapons with blades are the way to go. The Apocalypse Kit includes a parang, two machetes, an axe, and several other folding knives that should do the trick should you need to take out some zombies — or prove to your friends that you’re more prepared than they are. The kit comes in a super-durable canvas carrying case that will keep all your tools protected until you need them. 

It’s a bit expensive for a kit that you may or may not have to use, but with a limited-edition run of only 200, it would be the perfect gift for any zombie-prepared giftee on your holiday list. The kits are available now for pre-order and will ship December 5.