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A whole new world: New Google Home games let kids play as Disney characters

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Smart speakers have a lengthy list of applications, but they are especially useful in a household full of kids. Google is focusing on that very demographic with its announcement of support for a variety of new games from Disney that can be played through the Google Home smart speaker.


Go on an Adventure with Maui on Google Home I Disney

There are three options on the docket for Disney games that are now playable through Google Home. The first is Maui’s Music Game, based on the hit animated film Moana. When you fire it up, you’ll be tasked with helping Maui find Moana. You’ll have to defeat monsters and navigate the many obstacles found in the undersea world, all while earning musical conch shells.

Toy Story

Dance with Woody and Jessie on Google Home l Disney

Toy Story Freeze Dance turns you into one of Andy’s new toys and asks you to follow along with dance moves provided by Jessie.

Disney Princess

Play With Your Favorite Disney Princesses on Google Home I Disney

Finally, there’s the Disney Princess game, which allows you to become one of Disney’s famous princesses. Players can choose from Belle, Ariel, Tiana, Jasmine, and Cinderella and embark on a voice-guided adventure.

In addition to those three new titles, Goolge Home can also play a handful of other Disney games including Mickey Mouse Adventure, Belle’s Castle Adventure, and Cars Adventure. For the slightly older crowd, you can also test your knowledge of a galaxy far, far away by playing Star Wars Trivia.

If you have a Google Home under your roof and want to give your child access to Disney’s latest slate of interactive adventures, you can allow your kids to use Google Assistant on the smart speaker and activate the games. Create an account for children under the age of 13 using Family Link, which Google introduced last year to give parents more control over their kids’ experience with Google Home. Once you’ve created the account for your child, link it to Google Home so they can use the device in a moderated capacity.

All of the games from Disney can be accessed on Google Home by saying, “Hey Google,” to get started, then the command “Play,” and the name of the game that you want to play.

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