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Google’s new app is geared specifically toward home improvement pros

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Looking for someone to take on that home improvement project you’ve postponed for … well, ever? Google may be able to help. The internet giant is now looking into your physical space with a new app called Home Service Ads aimed exclusively at home professionals, including cleaners, plumbers, electricians, painters, and other such service providers. While this app isn’t actually aimed toward customers, it is meant to help handymen and other home improvement experts get listed and discovered through Google, and also manage their communications, quotes, and scheduling with potential customers.

“Home Services puts trustworthy local house cleaners, locksmiths, plumbers, and other professionals in front of people who are looking to find and book quickly,” Google explains on its website. In order to join, service providers have to fill out a brief form, inputting information like their business name, website, and contact information. If this is completed and verified, professionals may soon find themselves listed in the Home Service unit, which appears at the top of Google’s search results when a potential customer looks for local services.

“Appearing in the Home Service unit is a badge of trust — only providers who have met Google’s qualifying criteria will be featured in the unit,” Google noted. “People will see real reviews, helping you build a great online reputation.”

And now, Google’s app makes managing this process easier than ever. You’ll have to already be registered with home service ads, and will need your login details and password to even enter the app. But if you qualify, the app ought to make it easier for you to manage customers; you’ll be able to respond to requests, create appointments, read reviews, and more.

As it stands, the Home service ads app is only available in select cities in the United States, and is in a pilot phase. Available verticals also vary by location. You can, of course, visit a website to sign up and see if you’re eligible to take part, and seeing that this appears to be an extremely useful tool for professionals and customers alike, it seems as though it’ll soon be made more widely available.

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