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The Gululu Interactive Water Bottle wants to keep your kids hydrated

Summer has arrived early in much of the country, and in some places with a vengeance, and so too has the need to stay hydrated in the heat. So to help the smallest members of your family (and let’s be honest, you as well) drink enough water, there’s a new interactive water bottle that gamifies your children’s water intake — the Gululu Interactive Water Bottle. Featuring a screen, a home button, a pair of touch sensors, Wi-Fi, and wireless charging capabilities, it’s one of the most high-tech water bottles out there, but also perhaps the most effective. After all, by linking your child’s water intake to the health of a virtual animated pet, it makes staying hydrated an act of care giving.

Thanks to a companion app, you can set hydration goals based on your child’s age, weight, and location. And by using the incentivized gaming system, Gululu says that kids will be motivated to meet their water-drinking goals. The closer your child gets to his or her optimal water intake, the healthier the virtual pet becomes — the animated character will grow, collect treasure, and explore “an underwater world of adventure” known as the “Gululu Universe.”

And because this is a product meant for kids, it’s kid-proof. The Gululu Interactive Bottle is made from 100-percent BPA-free materials, is totally waterproof and dust-proof (IP 6/7), and is capable of surviving drops up to three feet.

Whenever the water bottle runs out of battery, simply stick it on its wireless charging dock and the contraption will recharge in three hours — a fully charged battery should last for two to three days of normal use.

With 43 days left in its campaign, the Gululu Interactive Bottle has raised nearly $35,000 of its $100,000 goal from 118 backers. You can pre-order this futuristic water bottle yourself for the early-bird price of $89 in colors that include Bowhead Blue, Uni-dragon Violet, Submarine Yellow, Monster Green, and Starfish Pink. And let’s be honest — while this may be a water bottle for kids, we could all use a bit of help reaching our daily water goals. And if it takes a $90 water bottle to do it, so be it.

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