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Become an urban farmer with the new Herbert hydroponic vertical garden

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Who says you have to leave your home to go to the farmer’s market? Just bring all that fresh produce straight to your residence. No, we’re not talking about a grocery delivery service or a meal kit — you can go straight to the source with Herbert, a hydroponic vertical garden that promises to help you grow fresh organic food right in your home.

It’s the latest product to be released by Ponix Systems, a company started by self-described “tech freaks and urban farmers.” With a vision of bringing vertical farming solutions to the people, Ponix hopes that the Herbert system will help foodies and environmentalists everywhere grow their favorite fruits and vegetables year-round without the need for herbicides or pesticides.

Even if you don’t have a green thumb, the Herbert can help. To start farming, simply place a seed into one of Herbert’s biodegradable sponges, add water and biomineral fertilizer to the tank, and sit back. According to the Ponix team, this vertical farming method requires 90 percent less water, though it yields 40 percent more harvest when compared to traditional farming, as your garden stays safe and protected from the elements (because, you know, it’s indoors).

Herbert features its own proprietary LED technology and a hydroponic system that promises optimal growth of all your crops simply by placing their roots in water. Urban farmers can grow up to 15 plants in the wall-mounted Herbert, so whether you’re craving strawberries, lettuce, or something else, you can use your indoor garden.

“By growing your own food, you have full transparency of what you eat, and you can reduce your food waste, too,” said Alex Penzias, co-founder of Ponix Systems. So if you’re looking to eat cleaner or more sustainably this year, the Herbert may be for you. You can pre-order a Herbert now on Kickstarter for $323, which is 40 percent off of the proposed retail price. 

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