Holy Moses! Biblical bridge offers unique way to access Dutch landmark

Every year millions of travelers flock to the Netherlands. It is a country rich in history, which boasts a wealth of cultural heritage and sights for visitors to see.

Adding to that illustrious list of must-sees is the Moses Bridge. The sunken bridge grants access to, and literally parts the waters surrounding, an old 17th century Dutch fort. The unique bridge was designed by RO & AD Architects and is made from sustainable materials —  the wood used for the moat-crossing bridge is treated with a non-toxic coating that protects it from decay and erosion while increasing its longevity and use.

From a distance the bridge deceives onlookers into thinking that pedestrians are walking through the water, a trick achieved by the sloping walls running concurrent with the surrounding body of water. The bridge is just another example of how modern technology can enhance historical landmarks and offer a unique and rewarding experience all its own.