Iguana 29 Ground boat: land-loving vessel can sail the sand and seas

Why settle for a boat that travels merely on water when you can take the adventure directly to dry land as well. The Iguana 29 Ground Boat is one such vessel. Designed by Antoine Brugidou, the land-loving yacht was inspired by the need for a vessel capable of traveling on land as well as water. Actual inspiration for the Iguana 20 came during one of Brugidou’s outings along the bay of Mont St. Michel, where low tide prohibits boats from traveling because of its miles of sandbanks and rocks.

The Iguana 29 can comfortably carry eight passengers out to sea or any body of water that needs traversing. It’s capable of speeds of 40 knots, and of course what truly sets it apart is the Iguana 29‘s ability to go aground thanks to the integrated caterpillar tracks located on each side of the craft. When lowered, these allow the vessel to morph from sea fairing maiden, to land loving amphibian. And because the undercarriage folds into the hull, the continuity of the hull remains intact and nautical capabilities of the boat continue unaltered. Unfortunately, speeds are limited to 5 mph while on land – but that’s understandable given that the boats true home is on water, not land.

Currently the Iguana 29 is in development, the prototype shown here is just that, and there are no concrete plans to put the amphibious craft into production.