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Ikea launches Matter-enabled Dirigera smart hub and app

Ikea announced a new smart hub and app that will be coming out later this year. The hub is called Dirigera and will be Matter-ready. The hub will be accompanied by the release of the company’s new Ikea Home smart app.

In 2014, Ikea launched its Trådfri smart hub, which handles the smart products that Ikea sells now. According to user feedback, the hub is limited in the products it supports, and the app that pairs with it isn’t the easiest to use. The Trådfri is the primary way to connect to Ikea’s line of lights, speakers, blinds, and an air purifier that are available now. With that feedback, Ikea began to work on a new smart home hub and companion app — enter the Dirigera.

Slim design, more connections

The new IKEA DIRIGERA hub sitting on books in front of a mirror next to a plant.

The Dirigera will enable more features and be able to pair with more compatible devices — thanks to Matter. Since the Dirigera hub is Matter-ready, it will be able to work with other Matter-enabled smart home devices regardless of manufacturer. In addition, Dirigera also supports Zigbee and Wi-Fi.

The new Ikea Home smart app will prioritize user-friendliness and stability. Users will be able to add personalization options, scenes with pre-set functions, and groups. You’ll also be able to use the app to quickly onboard all current and future Ikea smart products and then manipulate them individually or in groups.

Next year, the company has plans to release more features, such as being able to control your smart home while away. You should also be able to connect to your router with Wi-Fi and do not have to use your ethernet cable. We’ll learn more about the cost of the hub closer in October 2022, when the product is expected to hit the market.

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