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Quit sweeping dust under the rug, start sweeping it into this counter vacuum

Technically speaking, built-in stationary vacuums have been around for years — decades even — in places like hair salons, wood shops, and homes of the rich and famous. But up until now, that kind of convenience wasn’t something that we plebeians typically had in our houses. Instead, we’re forced to carry or wheel around our suction machines, fiddle with cords, or perhaps even enlist the help of a robot. What drudgery!

But not to worry — a German company by the name of Gronbach has, at long last, brought the convenience of built-in vacuum systems to the masses. The company’s Furniture Vacuum Cleaner is a handy little gadget that can be installed underneath practically any appliance or cabinet in your kitchen.

Sure, something like this definitely isn’t an essential addition to your kitchen, but the idea is to provide homeowners with a fast, convenient way to sweep away dirt and debris — without having to bend over and scoop it into a dustpan (or quietly scoot it under the oven/refrigerator/dishwasher like my housemates love to do)

Gronbach Furniture vacuum cleaner

Under the hood, it’s pretty much exactly what you’d expect from a product in this category. There’s a suction chute, ten feet of extendable hose, and a collection bag for easy emptying. Up front, there’s a little doorway ramp that swings open to accept all the crumbs and stray food pieces you’ve swept up.

Overall the Furniture Vacuum Cleaner is pretty low-tech, but it does have a couple high-tech features thrown into the mix that make it easier to use. To save you from bending over every time you want to turn it on, the vac has a little motion sensor built into its face, allowing you to activate the suction by simply touching the machine with a broom or your foot. There’s also a smartphone app (of course) you can use to control it remotely, but we just can’t see that being particularly useful.

Unfortunately for us Americans, this sucker isn’t available in the US quite yet, but UK readers can check out Gronbach’s website to track one down. Our fingers are crossed that this contraption makes the jump across the pond in the near future.

Updated 7/1/2016: Gronbach is currently looking for a U.S. distributor to bring the under vacuum to market. 

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