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Watch Wyze’s new handheld vacuum pick up multiple bowling balls

Wyze Handheld Vacuum - Bowling Ball Power Demonstration

Wyze is continuing to diversify its budget-friendly product range beyond home security devices with the unveiling this week of its first handheld vacuum cleaner.

Costing just $60, the Wyze Handheld Vacuum apparently features the kind of suction power that could cause chaos around the home if the device is used without due care and attention. Indeed, the marketing materials claim the cleaner “puts the power of a tornado in your hand.” In that case, be sure to banish any pets to another room when you fire the thing up.

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In a bid to further highlight its awesome suction skill (rated at 16,800 Pascals), the product’s launch video includes a clip of the cleaner holding not one, not even two, but three 8-pound bowling balls. However, the fact that it appears to be a plunger that’s doing the job prompts the question: “Wouldn’t a plunger do that by itself?” If you happen to have a plunger and bowling ball in the closet, do let us know.

Other notable features include a stainless steel pre-filter screen that blocks large particles like debris and hair, and a second-layer HEPA 11 filter screen that filtrates fine dust and allergens. Both of these filters are washable, too.

Pre-orders of Wyze’s new cleaner come with a number of attachments, such as a flat nozzle, extension hose, brush tool, and crevice tool. No sign of a plunger, though.

Three rechargeable batteries offering a total of 6,000mAh of power should give you 30 minutes of cleaning time on a single charge, and once the canister is full, you can use the machine’s one-button release mechanism to empty it.

Pre-orders are open now, though it doesn’t say when shipping will start. We’ve reached out to Seattle-based Wyze for an answer and will update this article when we hear back. In the meantime, take a moment to check out Digital Trends’ pick of the best cordless vacuums for 2021.

Since announcing early last year that it has as many as 30 new products in the works, Wyze has unveiled more security devices, a $20 smartwatch, a $50 thermostat, and a $50 sprinkler controller.

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