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The Wyze Sprinkler is a new, affordably price smart sprinkler controller

With winter on the way, your lawn might not get the TLC it needs to stay green and healthy. While colder weather certainly takes a toll on your lawn, you can prepare for a green spring with the new Wyze Sprinkler Controller, an eight-zone smart sprinkler system that you can customize to provide your garden with exactly the amount of water it needs, when it needs it.

The Wyze Sprinkler Controller starts at $50 and follows in the footsteps of Wyze’s previous low-cost offerings. The purchase also includes a one-year subscription to Sprinkler Plus, a premium weather service that allows the Wyze Sprinkler Controller to automatically adjust its schedule based on your weather forecast. Sprinkler Plus syncs with more than 60,000 weather stations across the country to provide users with as accurate a forecast as possible. On its own, the Sprinkler Plus service is $10 per year.

While the Wyze Sprinkler Controller allows users to automatically water their plants based on hyper-local weather forecasts, you can also set it to water at specific days and times regardless of the weather. If you take a glance outside and it looks like your plants could use a bit more water to perk them up, you can use the Quick Run feature within the Wyze App to start watering your plants from anywhere.

You can also schedule waterings based on sunrise and sunset, or tell the system to skip watering if certain conditions are met. For example, if the ground is too saturated or the temperature is too low, the Wyze Sprinkler Controller will automatically avoid watering to prevent damage to your garden.

The Wyze Sprinkler Controller provides advanced insight into past, current, and predicted soil moisture levels for each of its eight zones. This allows you to better understand how to care for your garden and what types of plants are best-suited for each zone.

You don’t have to have a green thumb to take advantage of the features the Wyze Sprinkler Controller offers. Whether you have a few plants or a flourishing garden, this smart home device will help you keep your plants alive and well with minimal input on your part.

The Wyze Sprinkler Controller is available for pre-order now from Wyze’s website and is slated to begin shipping in January 2021.

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