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Wyze continues its smart home onslaught with a $50 smart thermostat

The world of smart thermostats has long been dominated by Nest and Ecobee, with few other entries garnering even a minimum of attention. Wyze might change that with the release of the new Wyze Thermostat. At a mere $50, it offers many of the same functions as its more expensive competitors.

The Wyze Thermostat is available for pre-order now from Wyze’s website and is scheduled to begin shipping in December. At just $50, it would make a nice Christmas present for the smart home enthusiast in your life. Just make sure they’re able to install it. While the thermostat is set up for DIY installation, it does have to be hardwired, so it’s not a good option for the majority of apartment dwellers.

The thermostat is feature-rich, however. While you can control the temperature from anywhere through the Wyze app, you can also let the thermostat do the work for you through its smart algorithms. It also has a “Feels-Like” feature that accounts for the humidity in your home to help keep you comfortable. For example, the indoor temperature might be set to 72, but it can feel much warmer if your home is humid or if the sun is hitting a particular area. The Wyze Thermostat is designed to make your home feel like the temperature you set it at, whether or not that is actually the temperature.


The Wyze Thermostat will also remind you when it is time to swap out the filter. This helps keep your HVAC system at optimal performancewhile also reducing energy usage. The thermostat will also learn the proper time to begin warming up the radiator in the winter so that you do not have to wait for it to heat up, especially when it’s chilly indoors.

There is voice control through Alexa, with Google Assistant compatibility coming soon. You can set up temperature scheduling to help improve performance, as well as track your overall energy usage through the Wyze app.

Perhaps most importantly, the Wyze Thermostat is easy to use and understand. Although it is packed with smart features, anyone can adjust the temperature without going through a steep learning curve. Wyze has been fairly ambitious in the space. While the company is known for its line of security cameras, Wyze has branched out in other areas to diversify its smart home portfolio, releasing the Wyze Lock and Video Doorbell recently.

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