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Wyze’s pint-size Video Doorbell is ridiculously priced at $30

In the realm of smart home devices, video doorbells rarely fall under the umbrella of “affordable.” Wyze’s new Video Doorbell changes all of that. This tiny device is just $30, but delivers performance on par with that of devices that cost upward of $100 or more.

You’ll receive an instant push notification the moment someone rings the doorbell, and you can pull a livestream of the doorbell to decide whether you want to answer the door or not. Uninvited solicitor? Just act like you aren’t home.

One interesting item to note is the aspect ratio. Compared to many cameras that stream at 16:9, the 3:4 aspect ratio of the Wyze Video Doorbell makes the most of your mobile device to display larger video feeds and show more detail about your visitor. It can also show packages left on the ground below the doorbell.

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The Wyze Video Doorbell includes two-way audio so you can talk to visitors and let delivery drivers know where to leave packages. You don’t have to worry about someone missing the doorbell; when it detects motion, an LED comes on to draw visitors’ attention to it. Not only does it make it easy for visitors to ring the doorbell, but it warns any would-be porch pirates that you are watching.

Wyze includes free 14-day cloud storage for 12-second videos. You will need Cam Plus to store full-length videos and to receive real-time alerts when people are detected. The service costs $2 per month.

The Video Doorbell is IP65 weather-resistant, so it can stand up to most weather conditions outdoors. The doorbell is hardwired, so it isn’t the best fit for apartment complexes where you can’t make major changes, but if you are able to install one, installation is easy. According to Wyze, it takes an average of less than 30 minutes to get the doorbell up and running.

If you’re in the market for a video doorbell and you don’t want to spend a fortune on buying a more advanced model, the $30 price tag of the Wyze Video Doorbell (and the small size profile) makes it a great choice. Just make sure you are able to install it at your place.

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