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Put down your phone and get notifications from the Ingrein smart clock instead

The rise of the smartphone seems to have catalyzed the demise of the clock, but if you’ve been missing those ticking hands, technology has a new answer for you. Meet the Ingrein Clock, a luxury wood timepiece that combines the nostalgia of an elegant analog clock with the connectivity of a 21st-century device.

Heralded as the “world’s first luxury wood smart clock,” the Ingrein is “designed to help you be more present in your life,” with a hardwood face that incorporates an LCD screen and light and sound sensors that help you interact with an display information from your various devices and apps.

Made of reclaimed mahogany and cedar wood, you can customize the look of your Ingrein by choosing your wood style and stain, and its function by determining the kind of data you’d like displayed on a daily basis. Whether it’s the weather, the traffic conditions, or your most recent email, you’ll have access to information at a glance, and without looking at your smartphone. Promising out-of-the-box integration with IFTTT, this smart clock comes with over 200 apps to choose from, and can be integrated into your smart home. You can even set your clock to alert you should an intruder find a way into your house.

And while the Ingrein is connected to your smart phone, you don’t have to rely upon your mobile device’s battery to keep the clock running. In fact, even if your iPhone or Android runs out of juice, you can still receive notifications from your wall-mounted clock. The Ingrein team says the less-intrusive nature of the clock’s notification system will help users divorce themselves from their smartphones, at least for a short while.

“Constant interruptions from our smartphones are damaging our personal relationships and reducing our ability to read a book, have a good conversation, watch a movie, or do anything else uninterrupted,” Ingrein’s makers said. But with this smart clock, you can put your phone aside and instead glance at your clock to determine if anything important is happening.

With 44 days left in its Kickstarter campaign, Ingrein has already raised nearly half of its $25,000 goal. And if you get in early, you can pre-order an Ingrein of your own for the early bird price of $249.

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