Jeremy Scott Flames by Adidas Originals both ridiculous and awesome

jeremy scott flames by adidas originals both ridiculous and awesome

Adidas Originals has paired up with flamboyant (literally, this time) fashion designer Jeremy Scott for a spring footwear collection that is awe-inspiring to say the least. Anyone who knows of the designer won’t be surprised by his crazy, fun-loving creations in collaboration with Adidas, but we found this flaming pair of sneakers to be newsworthy nonetheless. While we’re not sure if we know anyone who could pull these off, except maybe a hip New Yorker, because ridiculousness is less frowned upon there, the style and construction of the Jeremy Scott Flames by Adidas Original ($200) is impressive. We’re also kind of liking the nice ombre color going from front to back. The collaborative collection also includes a pair with fuzzy teddy-bear heads at the ankles. Yes, really.