Latch shows off its new Latch R Series, a smart access system for the modern home

latch r series door 1 rgb

The inside of your home is getting smarter, so shouldn’t the exterior be getting the same treatment? At the very least, your modern home should have a modern entry system. We’re talking about getting rid of that old lock and key, and looking to a company like Latch. Its new Latch R Series is heralded as the “first smart access [system] for apartment and office building entrances and elevators.” Now, in the same way that you can swipe a keycard and get into work, you can swipe your way into your home.

Thanks to the Latch R, residential users will be able to lock and unlock doors with a smartphone, smartcard, or special door code. No more worrying about losing your keys or someone duplicating them with your knowing. With the Latch R, security becomes a much more straightforward endeavor. And of course, you can manage guest access by way of Latch R’s digital log.

“While many companies have focused on home automation gadgets, the R Series recognizes that a whole generation of users need smarter devices in the apartments and workplaces where they actually spend the most time ” said Luke Schoenfelder, Latch Co-Founder and CEO. “We have built our system to work through enterprise contexts that have been largely ignored and our philosophy is to make these environments great by default, providing an unmatched experience to the thousands of people who live and work in urban buildings.”

Promising to serve as a standalone access control system that doesn’t require any fancy wiring or reader devices that can get very expensive very quickly, the Latch R instead makes use of onboard Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Bluetooth, and Wiegand communications to help folks access their modern buildings.

“This is the second object we launched using our innovative interface that is offering a variety of ways to enter spaces,” said Thomas Meyerhoffer, Latch Co-Founder and Chief Design Officer. “The simple interface was designed to deliver a seamless and trustful experience. It’s very exciting for us to have more people using our system designed for the new life patterns in today’s cities.”

Meyerhoffer is an award-winning designer who has gained international attention with previous work, including his past tenure at Apple.

You can reserve your own Latch R today for $399, which comes with a two-year service contract.