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LG wants to keep your vino cool with new Signature series wine cellar

If you find that your wine collection has become so extensive that it has outpaced the amount of available space in your refrigerator, then the latest news out of IFA 2018 may give you some relief. South Korean electronics giant LG announced an expansion to its Signature series line of appliances that includes the company’s first-ever wine cellar.

LG announced from Berlin that the Signature wine cellar will bring new smart home innovations to the wine-cooling game that will be sure to please the casual drinker and the connoisseur alike. The company’s appliance can hold up to 65 bottles of your favorite wine, whether it be the $8 bottle you spotted on the shelf or the perfectly aged wine that you’re saving for a special occasion.

LG said it employed a minimalist design with the Signature series cellar in an attempt to create an appliance that can fit in just about anywhere. The company said it used a textured steel finish with a scratch-resistant exterior which that keep the cellar always looking new.

Of course, it’s what inside that matters most when it comes to this appliance and the Signature wine cellar has just about every feature you could want. It features what LG calls “Multi Temperature Control,” which allows you to set specific storage conditions on each level within the cellar. That will allow wine lovers to make sure their drink of choice is kept at the perfect temperature. Even if other bottles in your collection have different requirements, they can all live in harmony on their own, perfectly configured shelf.

When it comes to grabbing a bottle, the Signature wine cellar has you covered there, too. Knock on the darkened glass — which protects against sunlight and temperature fluctuations — and the cellar will allow you to peek in on your collection. LG has installed a smart sensor on the bottom of the appliance that can sense your feet. With a single swipe, the appliance will automatically open the door for you so you can pick the perfect drink to pair with dinner or wind down with at the end of a long day. And of course, if you can’t move your foot, there’s voice activation, too.

Joining LG’s wine cellar in the company’s newly expanded Signature series is a bottom-freezer refrigerator with an array of automated features including a hands-free door-opening sensor and moving shelves that bring food to eye-level for you. The company also introduced its first dryer, which can detect the level of clothes inside it and automatically choose the right drying duration without input from the user.

LG didn’t provide official release dates for any of its new appliances, though the company noted the wine cellar will be made available to the public in the coming months. No price range was provided.

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