LG’s new air purifiers, dehumidifier will help consumers breathe a little easier

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Indoor air pollution is one of the top environmental health hazards people face, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. LG has launched its new Puricare system of air purifiers and dehumidifiers to help protect people against this problem. They clean and deodorize the air while also offering a sleek design that complements an innovative home aesthetic.

The Puricare line is LG’s first venture into consumer air purifiers. There are three models designed to reduce air pollutants — including allergens — with a highly advanced filtration system. This will benefit allergy and asthma sufferers greatly. The line also has an energy-efficient dehumidifier that quietly and effectively removes excess moisture from the air.

“LG knows that families across America are becoming more sophisticated and proactive about how they approach health, and they’re looking for technologies that move beyond eating better and exercising smarter,” said David VanderWaal, vice president of marketing for LG Electronics USA.


Their new Puricare line, much like its allergen-reducing laundry and vacuum systems, are focused on creating an entire home ecosystem that will help people live healthier starting with the air they breathe.

The LG Puricare line is designed to make air cleaning simple and effortless for the consumer. The system will automatically detect air contaminants and scrub the air clean of things like smoke, allergens, and pollen. It operates quietly — as low as 20 decibels which is as soft as an average whisper.

The system features an auto mode which uses intelligent technology to adjust its fan settings automatically based on the air quality of the room. This helps extend the life of the internal filters and reduce energy consumption. The products are also certified by the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers for their ability to clean up tobacco smoke, dust, and pollen. They also have an LG Smart Lighting system that will give consumers a real-time visual of the air quality by displaying colors based on the cleanliness of the air.

The three purifiers will cost $349 for the round consoles and $499 for the tower model. The dehumidifier will be $299.

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